Key Coding

Enhanced Security and Convenience for Your Mercedes. Trust MercSpec for expert key programming and seamless functionality for your vehicle's keys

Enhanced Security and Convenience for Your Mercedes

At MercSpec, we offer professional key coding services for your Mercedes, providing enhanced security and convenience. Key coding involves programming or reprogramming keys to ensure they are uniquely matched to your vehicle's immobilizer system. Our skilled technicians utilize advanced diagnostic equipment and specialized software to perform key coding with precision and efficiency.

Benefits of Key Coding:

  1. Enhanced Security: Key coding adds an extra layer of security to your Mercedes. By programming keys specifically for your vehicle, we ensure that only those keys can start and operate your car, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

  2. Convenience and Efficiency: Key coding allows for seamless functionality between your keys and the vehicle's immobilizer system. You can easily lock, unlock, and start your Mercedes without any issues, making your driving experience more convenient and efficient.

  3. Lost or Stolen Key Replacement: If you have lost your keys or they have been stolen, key coding enables us to deactivate the old keys and program new ones. This ensures that the lost or stolen keys are rendered useless, providing peace of mind and preventing any potential security breaches.

  4. Additional Key Programming: If you need additional keys for your Mercedes, we can program them to work seamlessly with your vehicle's immobilizer system. Whether you want spare keys for family members or need extra keys for commercial purposes, we have you covered.

  5. Expertise and Precision: Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in key coding for Mercedes vehicles. They stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in key coding technology, ensuring precise programming and compatibility with your specific model and year.

Trust MercSpec for Key Coding:

At MercSpec, we prioritize the security and convenience of our customers. Our key coding services are performed with the utmost care and attention to detail. We use genuine Mercedes diagnostic equipment and software to ensure accurate coding and optimal performance. When you choose MercSpec for key coding, you can trust that your Mercedes is in the hands of professionals dedicated to providing reliable and efficient key programming services.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and experience the enhanced security and convenience that key coding brings to your Mercedes.


Types of car keys we can fix or repair

We can make a key for almost all Mercedes-Benz cars and vans that use the IR Mercedes-Benz Keyless Go smart key. This includes the standard black keys (2 or 3 button versions) or newer chrome key (2 or 3 buttons versions). We are unable to assist with flip-out keys.

Model Year
A Class 1998 - 2014
B Class 2005 - 2014
C Class 1997 - 2014
E Class 1997 - 2014
S Class 1999 - 2014
CLS 2005 - 2014
CLK 1998 - 2009
CL 1999 - 2014
SL 2000 - 2014
R Class 2005 - 2014
SLK 1997 - 2014
ML 1998 - 2014
VITO 1997 - 2014
SPRINTER 1997 - 2016